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Buildings:Station Buildings
Code TitleCost 
DM23Click for photoCorrugated Platform Shelter - GWR Style£15.00
DM198Click for photoVictorian Cast Iron Gents Toilet£15.00
DM85Click for photoPost Mounted Square Frame Hand Crane£7.00
DM86Click for photoPost Mounted Round Frame Hand Crane£6.00
DM108Click for photoGeneral Purpose Warehouse/Dock Crane£14.00
DM182Click for photoLNWR Type 5 Ton Yard Crane£18.00
DM183Click for photoRound Stone Base for Yard Crane£5.00
DM22Click for photoCorrugated Lamp Hut - GWR Style£12.00
DM187Click for photoLoading Gauge - Timber Post£12.50
DM188Click for photoLoading Gauge - Metal Post£12.50
DM24Click for photoSingle Line Token Exchange Apparatus£12.00
DM189Click for photoMile Posts (4)£3.00
DM93Click for photoWT1 Water Tank£14.00
DM94Click for photoWT2 Water Tank£14.00
DM95Click for photoWT3 Water Tank£17.50
DM96Click for photoWT4 Water Tank£17.50
DM97Click for photoWT8 Water Tank Support Structure£12.50
DM166Click for photoGWR Platform Mounted Water Crane£12.00
DM167Click for photoGWR Ground Mounted Water Crane£12.00
DM168Click for photoGWR Yard Washout Water Column£5.00
DM169Click for photoSomerset & Dorset Water Column£5.00
DM170Click for photoGreat Eastern Water Column£5.00
DM171Click for photoMidland Railway Water Column£12.00
DM172Click for photoLNWR Water Column£12.00
DM185Click for photoMidland Railway Water Crane£12.00
DM186Click for photoFire Devil (Water Column/Crane Heater)£6.00
DM224 LBSCR Platform Mounted Water Crane£12.00
DM225 LBSCR Ground Mounted Water Crane£12.00
DM226 Caledonian Railway Water Column£12.00

Scratch-building Supplies:Windows
Code TitleCost 
DM32Click for photoSash Windows (2)£3.00
DM180Click for photoLarge Round Top Industrial Windows (2)£4.00
DM131Click for photoIndustrial Windows - 6 Pane (2)£3.00
DM220Click for photoHouse Type Windows (4) & Door (1) Round Top£8.00
DM268Click for photoIndustrial Type Round Windows£3.50
DM30Click for photoStation Door£3.00
DM31Click for photoPlanked Door£3.00

Detailing Accessories:Building Accessories
Code TitleCost 
DM83Click for photoWarehouse Crane£4.50
DM84Click for photoWarehouse Crane£4.00
DM176Click for photoUrinals - 3 Bay with Tiled Base£5.00
DM177Click for photoThe Loo£3.50
DM178Click for photoThe Loo with Door£4.00
DM179 Wall Tie Bar Ends - "O"£1.50
DM179a Wall Tie Bar Ends - "X"£1.50
DM251Click for photoOrnate Cast Iron Gate Posts (2)£2.50
DM267Click for photoStaircase (Steps)£4.00
DM9Click for photoWater Trough - Galvanised Field Pattern£4.00
DM8Click for photoWhipple Tree & Two Horse Swingletree£2.00
DM10Click for photoFence Panel Vertical Rail - Two Section£2.50
DM11Click for photoFive-Bar Gate - Wooden Pattern£3.50
DM12Click for photoFence Gate - Path Width£2.50
DM13Click for photoKissing Gate - Vertical Rail£3.50
DM14Click for photoStile - Wooden Pattern£3.50
DM29Click for photoChicken House£10.00
DM25Click for photoShepherds Hut on Wheeled Frame 12'x6'£15.00
DM36Click for photoStaddle Stones£2.50
DM162Click for photoTwo-Handed Timber Hand Saws (2)£2.50
DM47Click for photoScarecrow£2.50
DM73Click for photoMilk Churns - Conical (5)£3.50
DM74Click for photoMilk Churns - Cylindrical (5)£3.50
DM75Click for photoWooden Barrels (4)£3.50
DM76Click for photoRural Tool Set£3.00
DM77Click for photoOld Style Roadside Sign Post£3.00
DM78Click for photoIndustrial Taps - Gate Valves (2)£2.50
DM79Click for photoPoint Levers - LNWR Throw-Over Type£3.00
DM80Click for photoCoal Scales on Trolley£4.50
DM81Click for photoSacks (10 Assorted)£3.50
DM82Click for photoCorn Sacks (4)£3.00
DM119Click for photoCoal Sacks (6)£3.00
DM105Click for photoGrindstone on Half Sleepers£3.00
DM120Click for photoWagon Wheel Chocks (8)£1.50
DM107Click for photoPetrol Cans - 2 Gallon (4)£3.00
DM285 Anvil£2.00
DM175 Early Road Lamps£2.50
DM159Click for photoPot Bellied Stove - Large£4.50
DM158Click for photoPot Bellied Stove - Small£3.50
DM160Click for photoSquare Iron Stove£3.50
DM191Click for photoLarge Kettle for Stoves£2.50
DM161Click for photoCast Iron Belt Drive Saw Bench£10.00
DM69Click for photoWicker Baskets (2)£3.50
DM70Click for photoWicker Fruit Baskets (2)£3.00
DM71Click for photoWicker Coal Baskets (2)£3.00
DM136Click for photoOil Dispenser Cans (3)£3.00
DM72Click for photoOil Drums - 40 Gallon (6)£3.50
DM106Click for photoOil Drums - 5 Gallon (4)£3.00
DM181Click for photoWooden Buckets (2)£3.00
DM192Click for photoFire Buckets & Stand (4)£6.50
DM193Click for photoFire Buckets & Stand (4)£6.50
DM194Click for photoStandard Buckets (4)£4.00
DM195Click for photoStation Nameboard£3.50
DM196Click for photoBench Seat£3.50
DM35Click for photoQuayside Mooring Bollards (4 Assorted)£3.00
DM34Click for photoGoods Yard Capstan£3.00
DM130Click for photoVertical Steam Boiler & Fittings (10ft)£13.00
DM129Click for photoVertical Steam Boiler & Fittings (7ft)£11.00
DM128Click for photoVertical Steam Boiler & Fittings (6ft)£10.00
DM145Click for photoLine Shafting for Flat Belt Drive£5.00
DM146Click for photoBoiler Front (Cornish)£8.00
DM146aClick for photoBoiler Front (Lancashire)£8.00
DM147Click for photoCornish Boiler (complete)£15.00
DM148Click for photoLancashire Boiler (complete)£15.00
DM149Click for photoLancashire Boiler - Dome Fronted (complete)£15.00
DM6Click for photoStationery Engine£4.00
DM7Click for photoLister "L" Stationery Engine£10.00
DM197Click for photoRustic Picnic Bench£4.00
DM202 Early Fire Extinguishers£5.50
DM200Click for photoStandard Gas Lamp£7.50
DM203Click for photoYard / Station Gas Lamp£7.50
DM204Click for photoLadders£4.00
DM206 Jerry Cans (4)£2.50
DM207Click for photoGWR Station Seats - Roundel Side Pattern£7.00
DM208Click for photoGWR Station Seats - Script Side Pattern£7.00
DM211 Horses Nose Bag£1.50
DM216Click for photoCargo Screw Jacks£3.00
DM227 Bench Lathe£15.00
DM230Click for photoChopping Block£3.00
DM231 Corn Stooks (Sheaves)£3.00
DM232 Water Pump£3.00
DM233 Horse Cart Shafts£3.00
DM239 Spanners & Oil Cans£3.00
DM240 Assorted Rivet Strips (6)£3.00
DM241 Short Firing Shovels (2)£2.50
DM242 Tank Valve/Tap£2.50
DM243 Bottles - Pints & Quarts (12)£3.50
DM244Click for photoBrass Bedstead£3.50
DM245 Canal Paddle Gate (Water Hatch)£5.00
DM246 Edging Bricks (Engineering Type)£5.00
DM247Click for photoMidland/LMS Station Seats£7.00
DM248cClick for photoStation Hand Cart£5.00
DM250 Cart Wheels (4)£3.50
DM253Click for photoLBSCR Gas/Oil Lamp£7.50
DM254 Southern/LSWR Gas/Oil Lamp£7.50
DM255Click for photoGWR Gas/Oil Lamp£7.50
DM256 LNWR Gas/Oil Lamp£7.50
DM257aClick for photoMidland/LMS Gas/Oil Lamp£7.50
DM258Click for photoReeded Column Station Gas Lamp£7.50
DM260Click for photoWall Bracket Gas Lamp - Scroll Type£6.50
DM261Click for photoWall Bracket Gas Lamp/Corner Bracket - Scroll Type£6.50
DM248aClick for photoStation Hand Cart£5.00
DM248bClick for photoStation Hand Cart£5.00
DM249Click for photoSack Trucks (2)£5.00
DM257bClick for photoMidland/LMS Gas/Oil Lamp£7.50
DM263Click for photoTurtle Back Luggage Trunk£2.00
DM284 Bolt Croppers£1.50
DM279 Iron Railings - Unclimbable£6.00
DM283 Bench Vice£3.00
DM262Click for photoHurdles (3)£4.00
DM269Click for photoOil Engine - Crossley Ruston Type£25.00
DM270Click for photoTar Boiler with Barrel£25.00
DM150Click for photoHorizontal Mill engine - Steam, Open Crank£30.00
DM302 Wheelbarrow£5.00
DM307 Lobster Pot£3.00
DM309 Oil Dispenser Cabinet£5.00
DM313 Oil Cans & Drums£3.00
DM310 Early Bowser Round Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM310a Early Bowser Round Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM310b Early Bowser Round Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM310c Early Bowser Round Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM311 Early Bowser Globe Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM311a Early Bowser Globe Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM311b Early Bowser Globe Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM311c Early Bowser Globe Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM312 Early Bowser Shell Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM312a Early Bowser Shell Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM312b Early Bowser Shell Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM312c Early Bowser Shell Top Petrol Pump£7.50
DM314 Dustbin with Lid & Rubbish£4.00
DM315 Telephones£5.00
DM316 Open Coal Sacks£3.00
DM317 4 Wheel Flat Platform Trolley£8.00
DM318 4 Wheel Flat Platform Trolley£8.00
DM319 Life Bouys (2)£3.00
DM320 "Keep Left" Bollards (2)£5.00
DM259Click for photoTall Reeded Column Gas Lamp£7.50
DM322 NE Station Seats - Snake End£7.00
DM264Click for photoTelegraph Poles complete with Fittings£7.00
DM321 Hand Operated Winch - Windlass£8.00
DM323 Tea Chests£5.00
DM325 Stack of Hay/Straw Bales£10.00

Code TitleCost 
DM42Click for photoGamekeeper & Dog£4.00
DM46Click for photoShepherd & Dog£4.00
DM41Click for photoBlacksmith & Anvil£6.00
DM133Click for photoLoco Crewmen in Overalls (2)£5.50
DM43Click for photoHitchhikers (3)£5.00
DM44Click for photoCarter£3.00
DM45Click for photoPloughman£3.00
DM271 Farm Worker£3.00
DM132Click for photoMan on the Loo£8.00
DM210 Traction Engine Crewmen (2)£5.50
DM212Click for photoSeated Boy£3.00
DM213Click for photoSeated Driver/Guard£3.00
DM214 Bus Crew£5.00
DM288 Funeral Cortege£30.00
DM235Click for photoFred (Dibnah)£3.50
DM236 Ticket Collector£3.00
DM237 Driver for Rag & Bone Cart£3.50
DM272 Seated Driver for Horse Drawn Vehicles£3.00
DM275 Early Engine Driver£3.00
DM273 Station Master£3.50
DM274 Porter£3.00
DM265 Tractor Driver£3.50
DM277Click for photoSeated Figure to Sit on Loo£4.00
DM280 Town Cryer£3.50
DM281Click for photoBlacksmith Shoeing Horse£10.00
DM293Click for photoValerie the Lavender Seller£4.00
DM294Click for photoCoach Driver for Horse Drawn Bus£3.50
DM298 Milkman with Crate of Bottles£4.00
DM303 Dustbin Man Carrying Dustbin with Rubbish£6.00
DM304 Dustbin Man with Dustbin, Rubbish, Brush & Shovel£6.00
DM305 Coalman Carrying Open Sack of Coal£5.00
DM324 Bloke Having a Wee£3.50

Wagon Loads:(all)
Code TitleCost 
DM90Click for photoFurniture Pantechnicon (Removal Van)£25.00
DM63Click for photoTransformer - Industrial Type£15.00
DM64Click for photoLarge Ships Anchor£4.00
DM65Click for photoShips Anchors (2)£3.00
DM66 Ships Winch£15.00
DM67 Ships Propellor£4.00
DM68Click for photoGear Wheel Set - non functional£12.50
DM154Click for photo6" calibre Howitzer Field Gun & Limber (WW1)£20.00
DM155Click for photo8" calibre Howitzer Field Gun & Limber (WW1)£25.00
DM156Click for photo18lb Field Gun & Limber - Horse Drawn (WW1)£20.00
DM157Click for photoWhippet Type "A" Light Tank (WW1)£45.00
DM286Click for photoLoco Boiler£18.00
DM291Click for photoTwin Cable Drum Load£10.00

Vehicles:Road Vehicles
Code TitleCost 
DM114Click for photoEarly Flat Lorry Trailer£15.00
DM157Click for photoWhippet Type "A" Light Tank (WW1)£45.00
DM199Click for photoFord Model 'T' Gully Emptier£25.00
DM201Click for photoFord Model 'T' Parcel Van£25.00
DM221Click for photoFord Model 'T' Station Bus£25.00
DM222Click for photoFord Model 'T' Stake Wagon£25.00
DM223Click for photoFord Model 'T' Tipper Truck£25.00
DM289Click for photoFord Model 'T' Hearse£28.00
DM290 Ford Model 'T' Ambulance£25.00
DM114a Early Flat Lorry Trailer£14.00
DM27Click for photoEarly Fordson Tractor Type "N" (circa 1920/45)£18.50
DM28Click for photoEarly Fordson Tractor Type "N" (circa 1920/45)£18.50
DM151Click for photoHay Wain£20.00
DM152Click for photoHay Wain£20.00
DM321 4 Wheel Tractor Drawn Farm Trailer£20.00
DM1 Nicholson One Horse Smooth Roller£3.50
DM2Click for photoCambridge One Horse Roller£3.50
DM3Click for photoCambridge Two Horse Roller£3.50
DM4Click for photoReeves Type Horse Drawn Plough£5.00
DM5Click for photoRuston Hornsby Type Horse Drawn Plough£5.00
DM163Click for photoRansomes Type Threshing Drum£50.00
DM164Click for photoRansomes Type Straw Elevator£40.00
DM190Click for photoSmythe Horse Drawn Seed Drill£15.00
DM15Click for photoTwo Wheeled Farm Tip Cart£10.00
DM16Click for photoTwo Wheeled Wooden Water Barrel Cart£12.00
DM139Click for photoBrewers Dray£40.00
DM17Click for photoFour Wheeled Flat Bed Trailer£14.00
DM20Click for photoTimber Pole Wagon£10.00
DM21Click for photoTimber Pole Wagon£10.00
DM101Click for photoFour Wheeled Coal Trolley£17.50
DM18Click for photoTwo Wheeled Milk Float£15.00
DM113Click for photoTwo Wheeled Market Float£15.00
DM19Click for photoTwo Wheeled Delivery Van£15.00
DM89Click for photoFurniture Pantechnicon (Removal Van)£40.00
DM156Click for photo18lb Field Gun & Limber - Horse Drawn (WW1)£20.00
DM209Click for photoRag & Bone Mans Horse Drawn Cart£20.00
DM292Click for photoStation/Hotel Carriage Bus£28.00
DM298 Horse Drawn Dust Cart£25.00
DM299 Horse Drawn Oil Tank Wagon£30.00
DM300 Horse Drawn Oil Tank Wagon£30.00
DM301 Horse Drawn Oil Tank Wagon£30.00
DM91Click for photoFoden "C" Type Steam Wagon£50.00
DM140 Foden Update Set£10.00
DM92Click for photoWallis & Stevens Steam Roller£35.00
DM111Click for photoAveling & Porter Steam Roller£45.00
DM127Click for photo3-Man Steam Roller Living Van£16.00
DM112Click for photoSteam Roller Water Cart£15.00
DM122Click for photoSpray Bar Water Cart£15.00
DM109Click for photoTasker Portable Steam Engine£35.00
DM123Click for photoAveling & Porter Traction Engine (Steel Wheels)£45.00
DM124Click for photoAveling & Porter Road Traction Engine£45.00
DM218Click for photoBurrell Steam Roller£60.00
DM219Click for photoBurrell Steam Traction Engine£60.00
DM252 Traction Engine Dropside Trailer£20.00
DM144Click for photoPriestman Panther Excavator (Face Shovel)£40.00
DM142Click for photoPriestman Panther Dragline£45.00
DM143Click for photoPriestman Panther Grab Bucket (Clam Shell)£45.00
DM150Click for photoHorizontal Mill engine - Steam, Open Crank£30.00
Animals & Birds:Unpainted
Code TitleCost 
DM48Click for photoBadgers (2)£3.00
DM49Click for photoPheasants (4)£3.00
DM51Click for photoSwans (4)£3.00
DM165Click for photoDucks£3.00
DM50Click for photoChickens & Feeders£3.50
DM52Click for photoBuzzard on Rustic Post£3.00
DM103Click for photoFox£3.00
DM104 Heron£3.00
DM115Click for photoRabbits (6)£3.00
DM116Click for photoSeagulls (6)£3.00
DM117Click for photoPigs (6)£5.00
DM153Click for photoGeese (3)£3.00
DM102Click for photoCow - English Shorthorn Standing£4.50
DM102aClick for photoCow - English Shorthorn Grazing£4.50
DM53Click for photoSheep (6) - Standing & Walking£5.00
DM54Click for photoSheep (6) - Grazing & Resting£5.00
DM55Click for photoHorse - Heavy Shire - Grazing£4.00
DM56 Horse - Heavy Shire Unharnessed - Standing£4.00
DM56aClick for photoHorse - Heavy Shire Unharnessed - Walking£4.00
DM59Click for photoHorse - Heavy Shire Cart Harness - Walking£5.00
DM59a Horse - Heavy Shire Cart Harness - Standing£5.00
DM60 Horse - Heavy Shire Trace Harness - Standing£5.00
DM60aClick for photoHorse - Heavy Shire Trace Harness - Walking£5.00
DM61Click for photoHorse - Light Delivery£4.50
DM62Click for photoPony - Small£3.50
DM174 Cat£2.00
DM173 Dog£2.00
DM205Click for photoCob Horse£5.00
DM215Click for photoCow - English Longhorn£4.50
DM238 Shire Horse Harnessed with Head in Nosebag£5.00
DM276 Bull£5.00
DM287Click for photoHighland Cow£4.00
DM295Click for photoStag - Head Up£4.50
DM296Click for photoStag - Head Down£4.50
DM297Click for photoMare & Foal£6.00
DM306 Lobsters & Crabs£2.50
DM308 Goats (2) Billy & Nanny£5.00

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