GJH Plant items 

Buildings:Lineside Structures
Code TitleCost 
GJH4305Click for photoPortable Site Office£28.00
GJH4308Click for photoNissen Hut£37.00
GJH4309Click for photoPortaloo£5.25
GJH4313Click for photoLineside Equipment Store£15.50
GJH4320Click for photoPortaloo - Early Type£5.25

Detailing Accessories:Miscellaneous Accessories
Code TitleCost 
GJH4301Click for photoBuilders Skip£5.50
GJH4302Click for photoSmall Portable Generator£4.50
GJH4303Click for photoPortable Secure Store£9.50
GJH4306Click for photoCement Mixer£10.00
GJH4304Click for photoDumper Truck£10.00
GJH4310Click for photoBurger Van£15.00
GJH4311Click for photoPropane Gas Bottles£3.25
GJH4312Click for photoCompressor£7.00
GJH4314Click for photoTraffic Cones and Bollards£3.00
GJH4315Click for photoWorkshop Set£3.00
GJH4318Click for photoTemporary Secure Fencing£3.50
GJH4319Click for photoModern Trunking & Cable£5.75
Assembled & Painted Items:Accessories
Code TitleCost 
7A507Click for photoGas Cylinders£5.50

Code TitleCost 
GJH5001Click for photoTrack Machine Crew (4 People)£5.00

Graphics Sheets:Road Vehicles & Signage
Code TitleCost 
RV2001 Vehicle Numberplates£2.25
RV2002 Vehicle Numberplates£2.25
RV2003 HGV numberplates & Rear Signage£2.25
RV2004 Health & Safety Warning Signs£2.25
RV2005Click for photoStation Forecourt Signage£4.50
RV2006 Lineside & Depot Signs£5.00
RV2007Click for photoTrackside Warning Signs & Speed Limits£5.00
RV2008Click for photoVehicle Numberplates 1998 to 2005£3.00
RV2009Click for photoBritish rail Corporate Station Signs£3.75

Bogie Kits:Coach Bogie Kits
Code TitleCost 
GJHB02Click for photoGJH BR Mk1 Coach Bogies£15.50
GJHB03Click for photoGJH BR B4 Coach Bogies£13.00
GJHB04Click for photoGJH BR Commonwealth Coach Bogies£16.00
GJHB01Click for photoY33 Intermodal Freight Bogies£10.00
GJHB05Click for photoTF25 UIC Bogie Kit£10.00
GJHB06Click for photoTF25 Bogie Kit£10.00
GJHB07Click for photoAM3 Bogie Kit£10.00
GJHB08Click for photoY25 Bogie Kit£12.50
GJHB09 Sambre Et Meusse Freight Bogies£11.00

Loco and Stock Detailing:Other details
Code TitleCost 
G1 BR Mk.1 Coach Corridor Connection£5.50
G2Click for photoAir Brake Actuators (2)£1.00
G3 Air Brake Pipes£2.50
G4 Vacuum Brake Pipes£2.50
G5Click for photoWagon Tail Lamp Brackets£2.50

Vehicles:Road Vehicles
Code TitleCost 
GJH4304Click for photoDumper Truck£10.00
GJH4310Click for photoBurger Van£15.00
GJHT01Click for photoBR Leyland Crew Van£38.00
GJHT04Click for photoRail Conversion Kit for Cararama 1:43 Scale Jeep£7.50
Rolling Stock Kits:Wagons
Code TitleCost 
GJHW01Click for photoClam/ZKA Ballast Wagon£33.00
GJHW02Click for photoTrack Trolley & Trailer£9.00
GJHW07Click for photoBR VGA/VKA 4-wheel Van£52.00
GJHW08Click for photoGP TRAMM£68.00
GJHW09Click for photoBR Rudd Ballast wagon£29.00
GJHW11Click for photoSelf Propelled 12Ton Diesel Bogie Crane£66.00
GJHW12Click for photoContainer Flats GBrf type£86.00
GJHW14Click for photoContainer Flats EWS type£89.00
GJHW13 Wheels & Bearings pack£26.00
GJH43103Click for photoBR Diesel Brake Tender£41.00
GJH43118Click for photoTwin Jib Track Laying Wagon£85.00
GJH43119Click for photoPolybulk Bogie Hopper Wagon£89.00
GJH43119AClick for photoPolybulk Bogie Hopper Wagon£110.00
GJH43120Click for photoBR Diesel Brake Tender£41.00
GJHW06Click for photoBR Tope Ballast Hopper£39.00
GJH43115Click for photoJNA Network Rail Box Wagon£56.00
GJHC01Click for photoISO 3001 40ft x 9ft 6in Corrugated Side Container£22.00
GJHC04Click for photoISO 3003 20ft Demountable Tank£30.00
GJHC06Click for photoISO 3012 20ft x 8ft 6ins Rib Sided Container£16.00
GJHC10 ISO 3009 20ft STOLT High Capacity Demountable Tank£21.00
GJHC09Click for photoISO 3006 30ft x 9ft 6in UBC Dry Bulk Container£23.00

 GJH Plant items