PLM items 

Buildings:Station Buildings
Code TitleCost 
RBL10 GWR Pagoda£20.00
RBL15 Narrow Gauge Water Tower£6.50
CS4 Wooden Outside Privy£4.50
RBL2 Large Platelayers Hut£11.00
RBL3 Small Platelayers Hut£10.50
RBL4 GWR Platelayers Hut£7.50
RBL5 GWR Platelayers Hut£7.50
RBL16 SR Wooden Tool Locker£3.00
RBL6 Southern Railway Concrete Platelayers Hut£13.50
RBL7 North British Platelayers Hut£13.50
RBL8 Southern Railway Lamp Hut£7.50
RBL9 GWR Wooden Lamp Hut£7.50
RBL13 Narrow Gauge Double Coal Bunker (Full)£3.50
RBL14 Narrow Gauge Double Coal Bunker (Half Full)£3.50
RBL12 GWR Corrugated Hut£9.00
RBL11 GWR Cycle/Storage/Luggage Hut£11.00
SF29 Tea Hut£11.50
SF30 Ice Cream Parlour£6.50
SF31 Punch & Judy Booth£6.50
CS8 Corrugated Pig Hut£7.00
CS5 Garden Shed£7.50
CS6 Dog Kennel£3.00
B10 Rear Double Terrace House Kit£21.50
B15 Full Gable End Wall£14.00
B8 Terrace Entry with Seperate Metal Gate£5.50
B20Click for photoPublic House Frontage£29.00
B17 Half Gable End Wall - Right Hand£7.50
B16 Half Gable End Wall - Left Hand£7.50
B18 Half Gable End Wall - Left Hand£7.00
B19 Half Gable End Wall - Right Hand£7.00
B14 Part Demolished House£25.00
B11 Rear, R/H Single Storey Kitchen Kit£12.00
B13 Rear Double Terrace House Wall£12.00
B3 Double Terrace House Frontage£12.50
B1 Single Terrace House Left Frontage£6.50
B2 Single Terrace House Right Frontage£6.50
B6 Double Shop Frontage£14.00
B4 Single Shop Left Frontage£7.50
B5 Single Shop Right Frontage£7.50
B7 Terrace Entry with Seperate Gate£4.20
B26Click for photo3-Storey Industrial Brick Warehouse kit£33.00
B27Click for photo3-Storey Industrial Building Frontage£31.00
B32 Nissen Hut Frontage - Breeze Block£6.50
B28 3-Storey Industrial Building Warehouse Side Wall£29.00
B21 3-Storey Terrace/Town House Frontage£11.00
B24 3-Storey Left Hand Gable End£7.00
B25 3-Storey Right Hand Gable End£7.00
B29 Nissen Hut Frontage - Wooden Slatted£6.50
B30 Nissen Hut Frontage - Brick£6.50
B23 3-Storey Shop Frontage£14.00
B22 3-Storey Entry with Closed Gate£7.00
B31 Nissen Hut Frontage - Iron Sheet£6.50
B12 Rear, L/H Single Storey Kitchen Kit£12.00
B33 Converted Nissen Hut Frontage - Wooden£7.00
B65 2-Storey Warehouse Frontage£27.00
B66 2-Storey Apex Stone Cottage Frontage£6.50
B67 2-Storey Apex Rendered Cottage Frontage£6.50
B68 2-Storey Apex Brick Cottage Frontage£6.50
B74 2-Storey Flint & Dressed Stone Warehouse Side Wall£14.50
B75 2-Storey Flint & Dressed Stone Warehouse Side Wall£14.50
B76 2-Storey Flint & Dressed Stone Warehouse Side Wall£14.50
B77 2-Storey Flint & Dressed Stone Warehouse Side Wall£0.00

Platforms, Bridges & Walls:Platform Edging
Code TitleCost 
RBL44 Brick Platform Frontage (2)£8.00
RBL45 Brick Platform Left & Right Sloping Ends£7.25
RBL46 Stone Platform Frontage£12.00
RBL47 Stone Platform Left & Right Sloping Ends£12.00
RBL48 Brick Platform Frontage£12.00
RBL49 Brick Platform Left & Right Sloping Ends£12.00
SF5 Harbour Wall - Dressed Stone£7.50
SF8 Harbour Wall - Inside Corner Piece£7.25
SF1 Sea Wall - Rough Stone£7.00
SF2 Sea Wall - Rough Stone with Steps£10.50
SF3 Sea Wall - Rough Stone Corner section£9.00
SF4 Sea Wall - Rough Stone Corner section£7.50
B34 Side Yard Wall to Terrace Back£4.50
B36 Dividing Yard Wall to Terrace Back£4.50
B35 Dividing Yard Wall to Terrace Back£4.50
B63 Gate Post£2.50
B64 Industrial Brick Wall Gate Post Bollards (2)£6.50
SF7 Harbour Wall - Outside Corner Piece£7.25
SF11 Harbour Wall / Sea Wall Link Section£8.50
SF9 Harbour Wall - Dressed Stone 1/4 Circle£7.25
SF10 Harbour Wall - Dressed Stone 1/4 Circle£7.25
SF12 Stone Sea Wall£7.50
SF14 Stone Wall£4.00
SF15 Stone Wall with Wooden Seat Cast in Middle£4.00
SF17 Wooden Sea Breakers (3)£7.50
B57 Industrial Brick Wall£16.50
B58 Industrial Brick Wall£8.50
B59 Industrial Brick Wall£4.50
B60 Buttresses for Industrial Brick Wall (4)£3.00
B61 Industrial Brick Wall Pillar (2)£4.00
B62 Industrial Brick Wall Gate Posts (2)£6.50
SF6 Harbour Wall - Dressed Stone with Steps£11.50
SF16 Stone Wall - Stone Ramp£21.00
A79 Brick Pillars & Gate£5.50
A80 Brick Pillars & Gate£7.80
A81 Brick Pillars & Gate£7.80
A82 Brick Pillars & Gate£7.80
B37 Brick Garden Wall£4.50
CS1 Rural Walls (2)£4.50
CS2 Curved Rural Walls (2)£4.00
CS3 Damaged Rural Wall - 3 part kit£4.50
SF40 Promenade Railings£7.50
A86 Wooden Jetty Kit£12.00
B86 Dresses Stone Embankment/Wall Sections (2)£7.50
SF13 Stone Sea Wall & Steps£8.50
SF45 Stone Wall with Inset Rubbish Bin£4.00
SF46 Stone Wall£2.50
SF47 Stone Wall + Wood Plank Seat£2.50
SF48 Stone Wall + Inset Steps£2.50
SF49 Stone Wall with Damaged Section£2.50
SF50 Stone Wall Ends (2)£2.50
SF51 Right Angled Stone Wall£4.50
SF52 Right Angled Stone Wall + Internal Seating£4.50
SF53 Right Angled Stone Wall + External Seating£4.50
SF54 Curved Stone Wall£3.00
SF55 Curved Stone Wall + Internal Plank Seat£3.00
SF56 Curved Stone Wall + External Plank Seat£3.00
SF57 Square of Stone Wall£7.50

Scratch-building Supplies:Chimneys & Fireplaces
Code TitleCost 
B39 Chimney Stack - 4 Pot Style£4.00
B40 Chimney Stack - 2 Pot Style£3.00
B42 Chimney Pots (4) Moulded Pattern£2.50
B43 Chimney Pots (4) 2 Rings on Top£2.50
B44 Chimney Pots (4) Plain£2.50
B45 Chimney Pots (4) 1 Ring on Top£2.50
B46 Chimney Pots (4) Small 1 Ring on Top£2.50
B41 Chimney Stack - 6 Pot Style£4.80
B87 Chimney Stack 1 Pot£2.50
B88 Chimney Stack 1 Pot£2.50
B89 Chimney Stack 3 Pot£3.50
B90 Chimney Stack 4 Pot£3.50
B91 Chimney Stack 4 Pot£3.50
B92 Chimney Stack 8 Pot£4.50
B93 Chimney Stack 2 Pot£3.50
B94 Chimney Stack 3 Pot£3.50
B95 Chimney Stack 4 Pot£3.50
B99 Square Chimney Pot 1 Ring (6)£2.50
B100 Square Chimney Pot 1 Ring (6)£2.50
B101 Square Chimney Pot 2 Rings (6)£2.50
B102 Square Chimney Pot 2 Rings (4)£3.00
B103 Square Chimney Pot (4) Pattern£3.00
B104 Domestic Guttering (4)£3.00
B105 Domestic Downpipes (4)£3.00
B78 Industrial Guttering (4)£6.50
B79 Industrial Guttering Ends Left & Right (2)£3.00
B80 Industrial Downpipes (5)£6.50
B49 Sash Windows (4)£4.00
B50 Sash Windows (4)£4.50
B51 Sash Windows (3)£4.80
B52 Sash Windows (4)£4.50
B9 Terrace Entry, Closed Gate & First Floor Window£5.50
B70 Industrial Windows - Rounded Top (4)£6.50
B71 Industrial Windows - Round (2)£3.50
B72 Industrial Windows - Arched Top (4)£6.50
B73 Industrial Windows - Arched Top (4)£5.00
B81 2-Storey Flint & Dressed Stone Warehouse Window£2.00
B82 2-Storey Flint & Dressed Stone Warehouse Window£2.00
B83 2-Storey Flint & Dressed Stone Warehouse Window£2.00
B84 Flint & Dressed Stone Rounded Top Window£2.00
B47 Small Vertically Barred Window (2)£1.50
B48 Small Sash Window (4)£3.00
B56 Pair Large Doors (suitable for B27).£18.50
B85 Pair Warehouse Loading Bay Doors£7.50

Detailing Accessories:Building Accessories
Code TitleCost 
B38 Outside Tap & Pipe£1.65
B53 Raised Cellar with Closed Doors£3.50
B55 Pair of Cellar Doors£3.00
B54 Raised Cellar with Seperate Doors£3.50
A52 Fireplace (Large)£4.80
A53 Fireplace (Small)£4.50
RBL26 Station Nameboard£4.50
C11 Hand Cart£4.50
C29 Platform Bench£4.20
C39 Old Time Petrol Pump£4.85
C44 Scarecrow£2.50
C297 Welder's Trolley with Two Separate Gas Bottles£5.00
RBL1 Buffer Stop£4.00
A1 General Purpose Sacks (20)£3.30
A2 Coal Sacks (20)£3.30
A5 Large Cargo Boxes (4)£3.00
A7 Packing Cases (8)£3.00
A8 Stackable Crates (8)£3.00
A28 Oil Drums (8)£3.00
A13 Half-Ton Crate£3.00
A14 1.5 Ton Crate (Vertical)£4.80
A15 1.5 Ton Crate (Horizontal)£4.80
A29 Milk Churns (4)£3.50
A30 Milk Churns (4)£3.50
A58 Telephone Box - Pre 1936£4.80
A59 Police Telephone Box (Tardis)£5.50
A60 RAC Telephone Box£4.80
A68 Gents Bicycle£3.60
A69 Ladies Bicycle£3.60
A70 Butchers/Bakers Bicycle£3.80
A64 2 Dustbins with Lids£3.60
A76 Wheelbarrow£3.80
A26 Milk or Beer Bottles in a Crate (2)£2.70
A67 Street Bollards (4)£3.00
SF33 Beach Hut£6.50
A72 Bus Stops£5.10
SF23 Upturned Rowing Boat£4.00
SF25 Lifebouy & Stand£3.50
A6 Small Cargo Boxes (8)£3.00
A45 Sack Truck£3.60
A37 Pigeon Baskets (6)£3.00
A3 Mail Sacks (21 Vertical)£3.00
A4 Mail Sacks (Horizontal)£3.00
A33 Wooden Pallets (2)£3.60
A32 Wooden Pallets (2)£3.60
A31 Wooden Pallets (2)£3.60
SF18 Harbour Wall Bollards (4)£2.50
SF19 Harbour Wall Bollards (4)£2.50
SF20 Harbour Wall Bollards (4)£2.50
SF21 Harbour Wall Bollards (4)£2.50
SF26 Lobster Pots - Cylinder Shape(3)£3.50
A61 2 Electrical/phone Junction Boxes£4.80
A9 Packing Cases - Pile of 7 Items£6.55
A10 Crates - Pile of 4 Items£6.55
A63 Part Loaded Rubbish Skip (modern day)£6.60
RBL18 Oil Tank Sitting on Brick Base£5.50
RBL19 Lineside Locker/Location Case on Bricks£3.00
RBL17 LMS Ballast Bin£3.00
CS20 Trough Filled with Flowers£3.00
A36 5 Suitcases & 1 Trunk£2.50
RBL29 Station Nameboard£5.00
CS9 Corn Stooks£2.50
SF32 Deckchairs (2 folded)£3.50
A65 Cat on Dustbin£2.50
A66 Upturned Dustbin with Animal Scavenger£2.50
RBL27 Station Nameboard£10.00
RBL28 Station Nameboard£7.50
RBL20 1.5Ton Yard Crane (kit)£25.00
A71 Park Bench with Cast Iron Ends£3.60
RBL41 Platform Seat£3.50
CS10 Road Signs (2)£4.50
CS11 Water Pump with Side Handle£3.00
CS12 Water Pump with Rear Handle£3.00
CS13 Street Water Pump£3.00
CS14 Water Trough£3.50
CS15 Water Trough£3.00
CS16 Stone Water Trough£2.00
CS17  Water Pump & Trough£3.50
CS18  Wood Clad Water Pump£3.50
CS19 Half Barrels Filled With Flowers (2)£2.50
A27 Beer & Pop Bottles in Crates (4)£2.70
A16 3 Plank Large Crate (Horizontal)£4.80
A17 6 Plank Large Crate (Vertical)£4.80
A18 5 Plank Large Crate (Vertical)£4.80
A11 Packing Cases Vertical (8)£3.00
A44 Sack Trucks (2 Different Styles)£4.80
A22 Wooden Barrels (4)£3.00
C323 1940/50 Petrol Pump & Oil Stand with Base£4.85
MTA1 Market Stall (designed to give variants)£5.50
MTA2 A-Framed Market stall£5.50
MTA3 Greengrocers Counter Top£3.00
MTA4 Butchers Counter Top£3.00
MTA5 Fishmongers Counter Top£3.00
MTA6 Open Apple Boxes (4)£2.50
MTA7 Open Orange Boxes (4)£2.50
MTA8 Closed Banana Boxes (4)£2.50
MTA9 Fish Gutters Table£6.00
MTA11 Fish Boxes Closed (4)£2.50
MTA12 Fish Boxes Open (4)£2.50
MTA13 Fish Barrels Open (2)£2.50
MTA14 Cut Down Barrels for Carrying Fish (4)£2.50
A12 Pile of Small Packing Cases/Boxes (2)£3.00
A83 Step Ladder (2 Types)£4.80
A20 Crates (4)£2.75
A42 4-Wheel Platform Trolley£6.60
RBL40 Free Standing Billboard (kit)£30.00
B69 Wooden Building Brace£18.50
A34 Wooden Pallets (2)£3.60
A35 Wooden Pallets (2)£3.60
SF22 Harbour Wall Bollards -Pairs Mounted on Base£2.50
SF27 Lobster Pots & Stone Weights on Base(3)£3.50
MTA15 Tailors Counter Top£3.00
MTA16 Haberdashers Counter Top£3.00
A23 Wooden Barrels (8)£3.00
A24 Wooden Barrels (12)£3.00
A25 Wooden Barrels (16)£3.00
A38 Bales of Hay (4)£3.00
A39 Closed Coffin£2.50
A40 Coffin with Seperate Lid£2.50
A41 Coffin with Body & Seperate Lid£2.50
A43 4-Wheel Push/Pull Type Trolley£6.60
A62 Pillar Box£4.50
A74 Platform Luggage, Suitcases & Hat Boxes£3.00
A75 Crates (pile of 5 items)£6.55
A78 Large Mail Sacks (6)£3.00
A85 Pole Mounted Pillar Box£2.50
CS7 Bee Hives (2)£3.50
SF34 Ships Wheel£2.50
SF35 Engine Telegraph£2.00
SF36 Ships Bell£2.00
SF37 Pulley Wheels (4)£2.50
SF38 Ships Anchor (kit)£4.50
SF39 Tyre Fenders (4)£3.50
SF41 "What the Butler Saw" Machine£5.00
SF42 Promenade Telescope - Fixed£4.50
SF43 Promenade Telescope - Moveable£5.00
SF44 Mine for Charity Collection£6.50
A87 Rowing Boat including Seats£9.70
A88 Punt£9.70
A89 Ladder£4.80
A90 Curved Top Metal Ladder£3.60
CS21 Stile Kit£4.50
CS22 Coracle with Seat£5.50
A91 Early Type Platform Trolley£3.80
A93 Road Menders Tools (5)£3.00
CS23 Bird Bath£2.50
CS24 Bird Bath with Bird£2.75
CS25 Sun Dial£3.00
A94 War Memorial£9.90
A95 Statue Plinth£7.50
A96 Wreaths & Floral tributes (15)£3.00
A103 Office/Works Tea Trolley£4.50
A104 Packing Cases (6)£3.00
A105 Tin Bath£3.00
MTA17 Florists Counter Top£3.00
MTA18 China Stall Counter Top£3.00
MTA19 Carpet Stall Counter Top£3.00
MTA20 Closed Fruit Boxes (4)£3.00
MTA21 Closed Wooden Crates of 2 Designs (4)£3.00
SF24 Rowing Boat£10.00
A114 Various Individual Suitcases (6)£2.50
A115 Various Individual Hat Boxes (6)£2.50
A77 Trestle Table (6 Legs & 2 Tops)£4.20
A48 Roll Top Office desk Open£2.50
A49 Filing Cabinet£2.50
A50 Double Cupboard/Wardrobe£2.50
A51 Chest (4 Drawers) Books & Papers on Top£2.50
A46 Tall Clerks Desk£2.50
A47 Grandfather Clock£2.50
A57 Kitchen Table with Turned Legs£4.80
A54 Office Table with Turned Legs£4.80
A55 Bookcases (2) with & without Books£4.48
A56 Sofa (2 Seater) & Armchairs (2)£4.50
A97 Kitchen Sink Unit and Draining Board£2.50
A98 Single Kitchen Cabinet£2.50
A99 Double Kitchen Cabinet£2.75
A100 Gas Cooker£2.50
A101 Floor Standing Hot Water Boiler£2.50
A102 Upright Piano£4.00
A106 Free Standing Cast Iron Bath£4.00
A107 Enclosed Panelled Bath£4.00
A108 W.C. with Closed Lid, Cistern & Toilet Roll Holder£4.50
A109 Pedestal Wash Hand Basin£4.00
A110 Wash Stand with Bowl & Water Jug£3.00
BS1Click for photoBackscene - Warehousing£2.50
BS3Click for photoBackscene - Town Square/Shops£2.50
BS4Click for photoBackscene - End Terraced House/Hotel£2.50
BS5Click for photoBackscene - Village Square£2.50
BS6Click for photoBackscene - Countryside 1£2.50
BS7Click for photoBackscene - Countryside 2£2.50
BS8Click for photoBackscene - Water Mill£2.50

Assembled & Painted Items:Accessories
Code TitleCost 
7A502M 4 Wheel Platform Luggage Trolley£9.00
7A502GClick for photo4 Wheel Platform Luggage Trolley£9.00
7A502BClick for photo4 Wheel Platform Luggage Trolley£9.00
7A503Click for photoWheelbarrow£6.00
7A513Click for photoPolice Box (Tardis)£8.00
7A514Click for photoRAC Box£8.00
7A518Click for photoTelephone Box£10.00
7A523Click for photoTwo Lineside Relay Cabinets£6.00
7A526Click for photoSmall Oil Tank sitting on Brick Base£9.00
7F001Click for photoOffice Desk£6.00
7F002Click for photoFiling Cabinet£3.50
7F003Click for photoTall Cupboard£3.50
7F004Click for photoTall Clerks Desk£4.50
7F005Click for photoGrandfather Clock£4.50
7F006Click for photoFireplace - Small£7.00
7F007Click for photoFireplace - Large£7.00
7F008Click for photoChest Unit with Books on top£4.50

Code TitleCost 
MT29 Female Customer with Shopping Basket£2.50
MT30 Grocer£2.50
C1 Railway Lookout Man£2.50
C2 Workman with Shovel£2.50
C3 Workman with Pick£2.50
C4 Guard with Flag£2.50
C5 Bowler Hatted Gent - Standing£2.50
C6 Station Master or Ships Captain£2.50
C7 Sailor with Kitbag on Shoulder£3.00
C8 Policeman£2.50
C9 Postman£2.50
C10 Porter Pushing Trolley and Sacks£4.20
C12 Tradesman with Produce & Scales£4.50
C13 Workman to Push Handcart£2.50
C14 "The Holiday Makers" - 3 Figures£6.50
C19 Workman Carrying a Sack on his Back£3.00
C20 Workman Carrying a Box£3.00
C21 Workman with a Broom£2.50
C22 Workman with Ladder & Toolbag£3.00
C23 Bricklayer£2.50
C24 News Vendor with Paper Stand£3.50
C25 Workman Seated on Bench Eating His Lunch£2.50
C26 Gentleman Standing Looking at His Watch£2.50
C27 Gentleman Leaning Against a Wall£2.50
C28 Engine Driver & Fireman - (2 Figures)£5.00
C30 Young Lady - Seated£2.50
C31 Young Man - Seated£2.50
C32 Old Lady - Seated£2.50
C33 Old Man - Seated£2.50
C34 Billboard/Sandwich-Board Man£2.50
C35 Gentleman Driver£2.50
C36 Workman Driver£2.50
C37 Foreman/Supervisor Holding Clipboard£2.50
C38 Petrol Pump Atendant£2.50
C40 Two Workmen£5.00
C45 Milkman£2.50
C46 Soldier - Seated with Kitbag£2.50
C47 Blacksmith Working at Anvil (separate arms)£4.20
C48 Porter Carrying Suitcases£3.00
C51 Driver - Suit One-Horse Dray£2.50
C56 Fisherman with Rod£2.50
C57 Flower Seller£2.50
C58 Standing Farmer£2.50
C59 Ticket Collector£2.50
C60 Man Purchasing Ticket£2.50
C61 Tradesman Carrying Roll of Carpet/Lino£3.00
C62 Vicar/Priest£2.50
C64 Match Seller/Street Trader£2.50
C65 Delivery Boy with Tray of Loaves on Head£2.50
C66 Driver & Clippie Tram Crew£5.00
C67 Driver & Clippie Tram Crew£5.00
C68 Porter/Furniture Removal Men (2)£5.00
C69 Bin Man Carrying Bin on his Back£3.50
C70 Milk Churn Porter Rolling Churn£3.50
C71 Night Watchman & Brazier£3.00
C72 Porter for 4-Wheel Trolley£2.50
C73 Driver & Whip for Horse-Drawn Wagon£2.50
C75 Two Drunks Staggering & Carrying Bottles£5.00
C76 Gentleman Standing Reading Newspaper£2.50
C77 Ex. Serviceman with Crutch & Mouth Organ£2.20
C78 Artist Drawing/Painting£2.50
C79 Woman Holding baby on Lap£2.50
C80 Stable Lad Leading Horse£2.50
C81 Labourer with Shovel£2.50
C82 Man with Arms Posed to Rest on Bicycle Handlebars£2.50
C83 Workman in Jacket and Overalls with Mug£2.50
C84 Painter/Handyman with Tin of Paint & Ladder£3.00
C86 Gardener/Labourer Posed to Push Barrow£2.50
C87 Little Boy Lost Standing with Hands Over Face£1.50
C88 The Gang£4.50
C89 Shepherd Holding Lamb, Dog at his Side£3.50
C90 Porter Pushing Trolley Full of Sacks£5.50
C94 Sleeping Tramp with Knapsack£2.50
C95 WW1 Soldier in Full Kit£2.50
C96 Man Eating Fish & Chips/Sandwich£2.50
C97 Stout Police Sargeant£2.50
C98 Chimney Sweep with Brushes by his Leg£2.50
C99 Shoe Shine Boy and his Customer£5.00
C100 Warehouse Men (2)£5.00
C101 Boy Leaning Against a Gate£2.50
C102 Son on his Dads Shoulders£4.00
C103 Man Standing Taking Photo with 35mm Camera£2.50
C104 Fisherman Seated Sewing a Net£3.00
C105 Workman Laying a Slab£3.00
C106 Postman Walking, Arms posed for Pushing a Bicycle£2.50
C107 Young Lady - Seated Reading a Book£2.50
C108 Windswept Young Lady - Holding on to her Hat£2.50
C109 Walking Carter£2.50
C110 Old Woman Pulling Wicker Shopping Trolley£3.00
C111 Old Woman, Arms Folded, Leaning over Wall/Gate£2.50
C112 Lady Carrying Flowers - Head Bowed£2.50
C113 Man Leaning against Wall/Gate to Light Cigarette£2.50
C115 Farmers Wife with Bucket for Feeding Livestock£2.50
C116 One-Man Band£3.00
C117 Driver to suit Delivery Cart£2.50
C119 Boy, Arms Folded, Leaning on a Wall/Gate£1.50
C120 Boy, Wearing a Cap, Holding a Ball of String£1.50
C121 Man in a Rowing Boat£11.50
C124 Butchers Boy carrying Tray of Meat£2.50
C125 Organ Grinder & Monkey£2.50
C126 Accordion Player£2.50
C127 Rastafarian with Ghetto Blaster£2.50
C128 Hot Potato Man, Standing with Hot Potato Oven£11.50
C129 Salvation Army Band (5 Figures)£12.95
C130 Street Piano with Figure£11.50
C131 Two Joggers - Man & Woman£5.00
C132 Hiker with Backpack£2.50
C133 Lady with Heavy Bag£3.00
C134 Squire with Shotgun£2.50
C135 Butcher Chasing Dog with Leg of Lamb£4.00
C136 Speaker, Heckler & Soapbox£5.00
C137 Man Wearing Cap£2.50
C138 Sailor Drinking from Mug with Kitbag£3.00
C139 Balloon Lady Standing Selling Balloons£3.00
C140 Lady Hitch Hiker Sitting on Rucksack£2.50
C141 Two Boys Playing Leapfrog£3.00
C142 Man in Life Bouy - Top Half only.£2.00
C143 Penny for the Guy£4.00
C144 Railway Vendor with Tray Selling Matches£2.50
C145 Couple Sitting Side by Side£5.00
C146 Old Man Asleep in Deck Chair£4.50
C147 Young Girl Sitting£1.50
C148 Punt with One Seated & One Standing Figures£11.50
C149 Picnic Set£7.00
C150 Hiker - Young Boy with Pack on his Back£3.00
C151 Train Spotter£1.50
C152 Knocker-Upper, Man with Long Pole£2.50
C153 Woman with Washing Basket Hanging Out Clothes£3.00
C154 "Spiv" - Street Trader Selling from Suitcase£3.00
C155 Lady of the Night - Posed to Lean on Wall£2.50
C156 Couple Standing with Arms Round Each Other£5.00
C157 Butcher with Side of Beef on his Shoulder£3.00
C158 Man with Hosepipe Watering his Garden£2.50
C159 Pub Landlord - Stood with Hands on Sides£2.50
C160 Barmaid Carrying Tray of Drinks£2.50
C161 "Mrs Mops" - 2 Lady Cleaners£5.50
C162 Drayman/Cellarman Rolling Large Barrel£3.00
C163 Drayman/Cellarman Carrying a Crate of Beer£3.00
C164 Man Standing Drinking, Left Hand in Pocket£2.50
C165 Salvation Army Member Carrying Flag/Banner£3.00
C166 Salvation Army Member Holding Book, Mouth Open£2.50
C167 Salvation Army Member (Female) Holding Tin & Book£2.50
C168 Salvation Army Member Holding Cymbals£2.50
C169 Postman Kneeling Down Emptying Postbox£6.00
C170 Paper Seller£2.50
C171 Porter Carrying Suitcases£3.00
C172 Man Carrying Suitcases in his Hands£3.00
C173 Man Carrying Suitcases in his Hands£3.00
C174 Traffic Policeman£2.50
C175 Man Wearing Hat, Running for Bus.£2.50
C176 Man Seated, Suitcase on Lap.£2.50
C177 Teddy Bears Tea Party£4.00
C178 Man in Cap & Jacket Sitting with Seated Dog£4.50
C179 Standing Woman with Broken Shopping Bags£4.00
C180 Two Men Standing Arguing£5.00
C181 Piano & Seated Pianist£6.00
C182 Woman in Coat, Left Arm Raised to Lean on Wall£2.50
C183 Standing Chef£2.50
C184 Pair of Golfers£5.00
C185 Fishmonger with Arms Folded£2.50
C186 Market Porter Carrying 3 Baskets on Head£3.65
C187 Market Porter Rolling Barrel of Fish£3.65
C188 Market Porter Carrying a Tray of Fish£2.50
C189 Sea Captain Shouting & Pointing£2.50
C190 Seaman Climbing Ladder/Steps£2.50
C191 "Old Sea Dog", Foot on Bollard£2.50
C192 Seaman Climbing Steps Carrying Oar£3.00
C193 Two Drunken Sailors£5.00
C194 Uniform Figure with Megaphone & Display Board£2.50
C195 Dockhand Hauling in Length of Rope£2.50
C196 Man Paddling in Sea, Hands in Pockets£2.50
C197 Gardener Pulling Garden Roller£5.00
C198 Gardener Pushing a Lawn Mower£5.00
C199 Standing Kilted Passenger£2.50
C200 3 Boys At Play£4.50
C201 3 Girls At Play£4.50
C202 Boy On A Scooter£2.50
C203 Boy In A Pedalcar£3.00
C204 Two Bowls Players£5.00
C205 Window Cleaner With Double Ladder£5.00
C206 Coalman Lifting Sack On/Off His Knee£2.50
C207 Newspaper Delivery Boy£1.50
C208 Bill Poster Man Pasting Up A Poster£2.50
C209 Man Carrying Shopping Bags£3.00
C210 Builder Climbing Ladder£5.00
C211 Builder Carrying Hod Climbing Ladder£5.00
C212 Workmen Hammering & Sawing£6.00
C213 Workmen Pulling & Pushing a Large Handcart£11.00
C214 Seated Figure Suitable for Office desk£2.50
C215 Man Standing Warming Hands at Fire£2.50
C216 Driver Standing Cap in Hand£2.50
C217 "Snow Scene"£9.00
C218 Farm Labourer Tying a Corn Stook£3.00
C219 Farm Labourer Resting Holding a Pitch Fork£2.50
C220 Farm Labourer Pitching Hay£2.50
C221 Farm Labourer Drinking from Flask£2.50
C222 Farm Labourer Using a Scythe£2.50
C223 Farm Labourer/Gardener Open Handed for Tools£2.50
C224 Farm Labourer Shearing a Sheep£3.65
C225 Girl Standing with Skipping Ropes£1.50
C226 Boy Standing with Toy Boat£1.50
C227 City Gent Standing with Umberella£2.50
C228 Man Carrying Large Open Top Packing Case£3.00
C229 Workman Carrying Bag of Cement£3.00
C230 Firemen - 4 Figures£10.00
C231 Fireman Carrying Young Girl£5.00
C232 Fireman Giving Fireman's Lift to a Civilian£5.00
C233 Two Firemen Climbing 2 Double Ladders£10.00
C234 Fireman Rescuing Youth with Head Stuck in Railings£6.00
C235 "Builders Bum"£2.50
C236 Builder/Labourer with Swinging Arms£2.50
C237 Builder Digging with Spade£2.50
C238 Builder with Pneumatic Drill£2.50
C239 Signalman Pulling Lever£2.50
C240 Signalman Pushing Lever£2.50
C241 Signalman at Rest - Sat in Armchair£5.00
C242 Platelayer, Open Handed to Suit Tools£2.50
C243 Wheel Tapper£2.50
C244 Young Buffet Steward with Food Basket£2.50
C245 Attendant with Buffet Trolley£6.50
C249 Engine Driver Standing£2.50
C250 Fireman Feeding Firebox£2.50
C251 Driver Leaning Against Cab Side£2.50
C252 Fireman Leaning on Shovel£2.50
C253 Seated Driver£2.50
C254 Fireman Feeding Firebox£2.50
C255 Seated Gent, Right Arm Resing on Seat Back£2.50
C256 Deckchair Attendant with Deckchair£5.00
C257 Man in Shirtsleeves, Scratching Head£2.50
C258 Gent in Collapsed Deckchair£5.00
C259 Female Sunbather Lying on Beach Towel£2.50
C260 Male Sunbather Lying on His Back£2.50
C261 Father & Daughter£4.00
C262 "Darby & Joan" Taking a Stroll£5.00
C265 Man Seated Drinking from Mug£2.50
C266 Man with Foot on Fork, Mopping his Brow£2.50
C267 Wedding Party£6.50
C268 Photographer with Tripod Camera£3.50
C269 Railwayman Wiping Hands on Cloth£2.50
C273 Vicar/Verger on Bicycle£5.00
C274 Young Boy Pointing Up at Chimney Sweep£2.50
C275 Young Boy Being Told-Off by Housewife£4.00
C276 Young Boy with Dog Peering Round Corner£2.50
C277 Walking Miner£2.50
C281 Pair of Male Passengers Posed to Shake Hands£5.00
C282 General Purpose Railworker Posed with Leg Raised£3.00
C283 Footplate Crew£6.00
C284 Lady Passenger Seated on Suitcases£3.00
C285 Infantry Officer Leaning on Kitbag£3.00
C286 Farm Labourer Pouring Swill into a Trough£3.00
C288 Locomotive Fireman Feeding Firebox£2.50
C289 Railway Dray Driver - Seated£2.50
C290 Railway Dray Driver - Standing£2.50
C291 Driver£2.50
C292 Uniformed Railway Youth - Standing£2.50
C293 Boy Seated£1.50
C294 Man with Bucket Clearing Up After Horse£2.50
C295 Welder - Kneeling£2.50
C296 Welder - Standing£2.50
C298 Workman Pulling on Chain£2.50
C299 Goods Yard Loaders (2)£5.00
C300 Engine Crew Member Mopping Brow£2.50
C301 Labourer to Operate Water Pump£2.50
C302 Labourer Stripped to Waist Having a Wash£2.50
C303 Boy Carrying Full Bucket of Water£1.50
C304 Boy Firing Catapult£1.50
C305 The Sportsman£3.00
C306 Gardener with produce£2.50
C307 Gardener Leaning on Hoe/Broom£2.50
C308 Guard Looking at Watch£2.50
C309 School Girl Sitting on Suitcases£2.50
C310 Seated Woman Reading in Chair£3.00
C311 Engine Crew Member Standing with Oil Can£2.50
C312 Fireman Bending to Feed Firebox£2.50
C313 Woman Sitting on Suitcase, Patting a Dog£3.00
C314 Woman Leaning Against Suitcase£3.00
C315 Porter Pushing Sack Truck£5.00
MT1 Gent Wearing Overcoat, Counting Money£2.50
MT2 Tall youth with Puzzled Expression£2.50
MT3 Elderly Gent, Bearded, Wearing Duffle Coat£2.50
MT4 Woman Market Customer£2.50
MT5 Gent Wearing Overcoat, Eating a Sandwich£2.50
MT6 Stout Cafe Owner, Smoking, Mugs of Tea in Hand£2.50
MT7 Woman Pouring Tea from a Large Kettle£2.50
MT20 Jewish Tailor£2.50
MT21 Male Customer with Package Under Arm£2.50
MT22 Female Haberdasher£2.50
C320 Standing Workman Moving Medium Barrel£2.50
C321 Workman Pushing Large Sack Truck£5.00
C322 Two Workmen Seated on Wooden Crates£5.00
C324 Female Petrol Pump Attendant£2.50
C325 Kneeling Mechanic£2.50
C326 Standing Mechanic£2.50
C327 Mechanic Rolling Tyre£2.50
C328 Man Turning Starting Handle£2.50
C329 Stockman/Shepherd Moving Animals£2.50
C333 Standing Engine Crew£5.00
C334 Left Handed Fireman Feeding Firebox£2.50
MT8 Greengrocer with Marrow£2.50
MT9 Butcher Raising Straw Boater£2.50
MT10 Fishmonger£2.50
MT11 Greengrocer Emptying Produce into Customers Bag£5.00
MT12 Fishwife Gutting Fish£2.50
MT13 Fishwife Shouting & Waving Fish£2.50
MT14 Fishwife Standing Arms Folded£2.50
MT15 Fishwife Reaching Inside a Barrel (R64 size)£2.50
MT16 Gutter Holding Fish£2.50
MT17 Gutter Carrying Fish Box£2.50
MT18 Auctioneer & Bidder£5.00
MT19 Customer Bending Looking at Produce£2.50
MT23 Street Cleaner Leaning on Broom£2.50
MT24 Chinaman Carrying Laundry Bag£2.50
MT25 Male Customer Smoking£2.50
MT26 Elderly Gentleman in Overcoat, Gesticulating.£2.50
MT27 Street Trader Running with Suitcase£2.50
MT28 Running Policeman£2.50
C316 Porter Pushing Sack Truck with Load£5.50
C317 Painter/Window Cleaner Climbing Stepladder£5.00
C318 Woman with Afghan Hound£5.00
C319 Delivery Boy for Bicycle Free-Wheeling £2.50
MT31 Aproned Trader£2.50
VEF1 Seated Driver in Apron.£2.50
VEF2 Sailor & Lady Companion Walking£5.00
VEF3 Mother & Daughter Standing£5.00
VEF4 Gentleman Standing with Doctor£2.50
VEF5 Gentleman Standing in Deerstalker & Caped Overcoat£2.50
VEF6 Girl Standing Selling Flowers£2.50
VEF7 Street Barrel Organ Player£2.50
VEF8 Lady Walking with Open Parasol£2.50
C335 Seated Man Reading Newspaper£2.50
C336 Shop Assistant Pulling Down Shop Blind£2.50
VEF9 Standing Shop Keeper Wearing Apron£2.50
VEF10 Walking Sandwich Board Man£2.50
VEF11 Standing Policeman£2.50
VEF12 Suffragette with Placard£3.00
VEF13 Bill Poster Climbing Ladder£5.00
VEF14 Two Aproned Porters£5.00
VEF15 Gentleman Raising Top Hat£2.50
VEF16 Workman with Shovel£2.50
VEF17 Engine Driver (Soft Cap)£2.50
VEF18 Engine Driver (Peaked Cap)£2.50
VEF19 Bowler Hatted Fireman Leaning on Shovel£2.50
VEF20 Fireman Feeding Firebox£2.50
C122 Walking Boy£1.50
C123 Older Sister Standing with Younger Sister£4.00
C52 Youth Carrying Suitcase£2.50
C53 Youth Leaning Against Wall£2.50
C54 Workman in Overalls£2.50
C63 Ice Cream Seller with Girl Customer£4.00
C337 Seated Nun Reading£2.50
C338 Seated Nun£2.50
C339 Standing Priest in Cassock£2.50
C340 Workman Standing to Empty Wheelbarrow£2.50
VEF21 Muffin man with Produce£2.50
VEF22 Bowler Hatted Gent Leaning on Walking Stick£2.50
VEF23 Top Hatted Gent Looking at Watch£2.50
VEF24 Walking Nursemaid£2.50
VEF25 Boy Waving Flag£1.50
CP1 Coach Passengers£7.00
CP2 Coach Passengers£7.00
CP3 Coach Passengers£7.00
C341 Workman Moving Oil Drum£2.50
C342 Girl Reaching to Post Letter£1.50
C343 Seaman Standing£2.50
C344 Seaman Standing Arms Folded£2.50
C345 Seaman Shouting£2.50
C346 Seaman Pulling/Throwing Rope£2.50
C347 Seaman Bending Forwards Looking Down£2.50
C348 Left Handed Fireman Feeding Firebox£2.50
C349 Driver Left Arm Out-Stretched£2.50
C350 Woman Walking with Picnic Case£2.50
C351 Father Giving Daughter a Piggy-Back£4.00
C352 Boy Holding Beach Ball£2.50
C353 Seated Woman Writing Postcard£2.50
C354 Woman to Sit on Sea Wall/Railings£2.50
C355 Kneeling Boy Building Sandcastle£2.50
C356 Child in Sand Sculpted Boat£3.00
C357 Dad Buried in the Sand£3.00
C358 Man Looking Through Promenade Telescope£3.00
C359 Man Operating ‘What the Butler Saw’ £3.00
C380 Standing Game Keeper£2.50
C360 Woman in Beach Towel Changing£2.50
C361 Man in Beach Towel Drying Himself£2.50
C362 Seated Woman in Swim-Suit Sun Bathing£2.50
C363 5 Part Figures of Female Bathers in Water£6.00
C364 5 Part Figures of Male Bathers in Water£6.00
C365 Boy Floating in Large Rubber Ring£3.00
C366 Reclining Female (punt passenger)£2.50
C367 Man with pole£2.50
C368 Woman Catching Apples in Apron£2.50
C369 Girl Collecting Apples in Basket£1.50
C370 Boy Collecting Apples in Bag£1.50
C371 "Scruffy" Pensioner Leaning on Wall£2.50
C372 Standing Pensioner in Raincoat£2.50
C373 Standing Pensioner Looking at View£2.50
C374 Man Posed to Climb Ladder/Stile£2.50
C375 Man Rowing Coracle£7.50
C376 Man Walking Carrying Coracle£7.50
C381 Workman Operating Small Vibrating Road Roller£8.50
C382 Workman Standing with Mug£2.50
C383 Workman Standing Hands on Hips (incl. Stamper)£2.50
C384 Open Handed Workman in Coat£2.50
C385 Open Handed Workman in Shirtsleeves£2.50
C386 Seated Engine Driver Leaning to the Left£2.50
C387 Seated Engine Driver Leaning to the Right£2.50
C388 Standing Engine Driver Leaning on Cabside£2.50
C389 Seated Farm Cart Rider/Driver£2.50
VEF26 Standing Station Master£2.50
VEF27 Porter Carrying Suitcase£3.00
VEF28 Standing Porter£2.50
VEF29 Standing Guard£2.50
VEF30 Porter Pushing Early Type Platform Trolley£6.25
VEF31 Seated Gent in Top Hat£2.50
VEF32 Seated Gent in Overcoat Wearing Bowler£2.50
VEF33 Seated Gent in Boater£2.50
VEF34 Seated Gent Looking at Watch£2.50
VEF35 Seated Workman£2.50
VEF36 Seated Workman Reading Paper£2.50
VEF37 Seated Woman with Baby£2.50
VEF38 Seated Woman in Jacket£2.50
VEF39 Seated Woman in Floral Hat£2.50
VEF40 Seated Woman Wearing a Stole£2.50
VEF41 Seated Girl£1.50
VEF42 Seated Boy£1.50
C390 Workman Moving Dustbin£3.50
C391 Man in Raincoat Leaning to Pick Up Something£2.50
C392 Seated Old Man Leaning on Stick£3.00
C393 Standing Mayor£3.00
C394 Boy in Cowboy Outfit with Hobby Horse£1.50
VEF43 Woman Standing Waving£2.50
VEF44 Woman Walking with Closed Umberella£2.50
VEF45 Upper Class Woman Walking with Closed Parasol£3.00
VEF46 Seated Woman with Closed Umberella£2.50
VEF47 Gentleman in Frockcoat, Arms Folded, Standing£2.50
VEF48 Gentleman Standing Holding Boater & Newspaper£2.50
VEF49 Standing Soldier in Greatcoat with Kitbag£2.50
VEF50 Standing Officer in Field Service Uniform£2.50
C401 Woman, Sleeve Rolled Up Wearing Full Length Tabard£2.50
VEF51 Standing Milkman with Small Churn£3.00
VEF52 Seated Cart/Dray Driver£2.50
VEF53 Seated Rural Female Cart Driver£2.50
VEF54 Seated Woman Milking£2.75
VEF55 Fishwife Carrying a Basket on Her Back£3.00
VEF56 Woman Walking Carrying a Shopping Basket£2.50
VEF57 Standing Young Man Raising/Waving a Boater£2.50
VEF58 Lady Standing Holding a Bunch of Feathers£2.50
VEF59 3 Marching Boys with Drum, Flag and Toy Gun£4.50
VEF60 Mounted Infantry Officer on Walking Horse£7.40
VEF61 Marching Infantry Officer in Service Dress£3.00
VEF62 Marching N.C.O. in Service Dress£2.50
VEF63 Infantryman Marching at the Slope£2.50
VEF64 Infantryman Marching at Ease£2.50
C402 3 Boys Playing Football£6.00
C403 Fireman Wearing Bandana, Leaning on Shovel£2.50
C404 Engine Driver Leaning Over Cabside£2.50
C405 Standing Salvation Army Side Drummer£3.00
C406 Standing Salvation Army Man Playing Squeeze Box£2.50
C407 Standing Salvation Army Man Playing Fife£2.50
C408 Tea Lady with Stocked Tea Trolley£6.50
C409 Workman in Overall Standing Hands in Pockets£2.50
C410 Woman standing in Wrapover Overall Hands on Hips £2.50
C411 Young Man in Overalls Leaning on Packing Case £3.00
C412 Young Woman in Overalls Standing Applying Make-up £2.50
C413 Workman in Overalls Standing Holding Knapsack£2.50
C414 Standing Workman, Right Hand in Pocket£2.50
C415 Woman in Overalls & Overcoat Standing Smoking£2.50
C416 Workman in Overalls with Cloth in Hands£2.50
C417 Workman in Overalls Using Yard Brush/Shovel£3.00
MT32 Standing Florist Shouting Selling Produce£2.50
MT33 Standing China Salesman Holding Basket of Crockery£2.50
MT34 Standing Carpet Salesman in Oriental Dress£2.50
MT35 Woman Carrying Basket Selling Lucky White Heather£2.50
MT36 Young Man with Bunch of Flowers Arm Outstretched£2.50
MT37 Standing Woman in Overcoat£2.50
MT38 Standing Stall Holder with Hands in Cash Pouch£2.50
MT39 Aproned Baker Leaning Forward£2.50
MT40 Standing Trader Placing Produce into Paper Bag£2.50
MT41 Gent Leaning Forward & Pickpocket Removing Wallet£5.00
MT42 Woman Standing Holding a Shopping Basket£2.50
C418 Gent Seated on Pile of Luggage£3.00
CP4 Coach Passengers£7.00
CP5 Coach Passengers£7.00

Graphics Sheets:Posters & Adverts
Code TitleCost 
RBL42 A5 Sheet of Posters (1890£3.50
RBL43 A4 Sheet of Posters (1890£5.00

Wagon Loads:(all)
Code TitleCost 
RBL34 Tarpaulin Covered Load£6.00
RBL31 Coal/Stone Load£4.50
RBL22 8 Cow Cattle Wagon Load£11.50
RBL23 4 Cow Cattle Wagon Load£6.50
RBL30 Coal/Stone Load£3.50
RBL24 2 Cow Cattle Wagon Load£3.50
RBL25 Sheep Load for Narrow Gauge Wagon£4.00
A19 1 Ton Crate Load£3.60
RBL32 Tarpaulin Covered Load£6.00
A21 Crated Load£2.70
RBL35 Tarpaulin Covered Load£4.50
RBL36 Tarpaulin Covered Oil Drum Load£3.30
RBL37 Tarpaulin Covered Oil Drum Load£3.50
RBL38 Tarpaulin Covered Oil Drum Load£3.50
RBL39 Tarpaulin Covered Oil Drum Load£3.50
RBL33 Planked Timber Load£6.00
RBL21 Half Load of Oil Drums (Tarpaulin Covered)£3.00

Code TitleCost 
HDV1  General Purpose Flat Bed Dray (single horse)£18.25
HDV2Click for photoLong Wheelbase General Purpose Dray (2-horse)£23.00
HDV3 Coal Dray (single horse)£29.00
HDV4 Two Horse Brewery Dray£37.00
HDV5 Short Wheelbase General Purpose Flat Bed Dray£18.25
HDV6 British Army General Service Wagon (2-horse)£21.50
HDV7 Canvas Covered Delivery Dray (single horse)£21.50
HDV8 General Purpose Tipper Cart£18.25
HDV9 General Purpose Donkey Cart£6.50
A84 Conveyor Belt (kit)£8.00
A92 Vibrating Small Road Roller£6.65
Animals & Birds:Unpainted
Code TitleCost 
H10 Shire Horse, Standing - Head Up£5.50
C16 Cow - Standing£4.20
C17 Cow - Standing (Head Down)£4.20
C18 Cow - Lying Down£4.20
C41 Sheep - Standing£2.50
C42 Sheep - Lying Down£2.50
C43 Standing Collie Dog£2.20
C49 Lamb£2.20
C50 Calf£2.20
H1 Heavy Horse, Standing - Head Up£5.50
H5 Heavy Horse, Walking with Neck Stretched Forward£5.50
H2 Heavy Horse, Standing - Head Down£5.50
H3 Heavy Horse,Standing Feeding from Nosebag.£5.50
H4 Heavy Horse, standing - Head Lowered£5.50
H8 Shire Horse, Walking - Head Up.£5.50
H11 Shire Horse, Standing - Head Down£5.50
C74 Collie Dog Lying Down£2.20
H14  Light Horse, Standing£4.85
H6 Heavy Horse, Walking - Head Up£5.50
C92 Pig - Standing£2.50
C93 Bull - Standing£4.20
C114 Sheep - Head Down Eating£2.50
H9 Shire Horse. Walking - Head Down£5.50
C246 Cow Bellowing£4.20
C247 Cow Scratching£4.20
C248 Cow with Feeding Calf£5.00
C263 Ram - Standing£2.50
C264 Sheep - Lying Down with Lamb£2.50
C270 Calf Lying Down£2.20
C271 Calf Feeding£2.20
C272 Sheep Pack£7.80
C278 Berkshire Pig - Boar£3.00
C279 Berkshire Pig - Sow£3.00
C280 Berkshire Sow Feeding Piglets£3.00
C287 Pig Pack£6.00
SF28 Seagulls£4.50
H13  Light Horse, Feeding from Nose Bag£4.85
H7 Heavy Horse, Walking - Head Down£5.50
A65 Cat on Dustbin£2.50
A73 Pigeons£4.80
C330 Walking Cow£4.20
C331 Walking Bullock£4.20
C332 Standing Bullock£4.20
MTA10 Seagulls Scavenging (3)£2.20
H12  Light Horse, Walking£4.85
C377 3 Calves (different poses)£6.00
C378 Bull Lying Down£4.20
C379 Rough Coated Dog Walking£2.20
C395 Standing Light Horse£4.80
C396 Walking Heavy Horse£5.50
C397 Walking Heavy Horse Foal£2.75
C398 Standing Donkey Head Lowered£4.50
C399 Standing Donkey Head Down£4.50
C400 Walking Donkey Head Up£4.50
H17 Walking Donkey Head Up£4.50
H16 Standing Donkey Head Down£4.50
H15 Standing Donkey Head Lowered£4.50
C15 Walking Shire Horse£5.50
C55 Harnessed Walking Light Horse£4.85
C85 Harnessed Standing Light Horse£4.85
C91 Harnessed Light Horse Feeding from Nosebag£4.85
C118 Harnessed Shire Horse Walking£5.50

 PLM items