Forthcoming Exhibitions

If you prefer to buy your models in person, why not visit our stand at the following exhibition(s)?

Show NameDates
Reading - Guildford O Gauge Trade Show 2nd December 2017
CHILTERN MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBIT 13th January to 14th January 2018
Bristol O Gauge Group - O Gauge Trade Show & Exhibitio 28th January 2018
STAFFORD RAILWAY CIRCLE - Staffordshire County Showgroun 3rd February to 4th February 2018
EAST ANGLIAN MODEL RAILWAY EXH - Huntingdon 13th March to 14th March 2018
Troon - O Gauge Show - West of Scotland Gauge O Guild 7th April 2018
O SCALE NORTHWEST - O Gauge Show 28th April 2018
Reading - Assoc. Larger Scale Modellers 12th May 2018
RAILEX NE - Blyth & Tyne Model Railway Soc 28th July to 29th July 2018